Heirloom Melon, Watermelon OR Granny Smith Apples:  You will either receive a watermelon, melon or apples in your box this week. Please click here for more information and color photos of the melons we are growing this year so you can identify what you got and let us know how you like them.  The apples are from our friends at Coco Ranch in Davis and are certified organic. Wash before eating and enjoy! Italian Large Leaf Basil: It is a succulent, oh-so-aromatic  herb that adds depth to many a dish and can be made into a tasty pesto.  Remove any blackened leaves, store in plastic bag in fridge and use soon.

Arugula:  First of the season! This popular Italian green packs a slight bite with nutty undertones and pairs well with goat cheese, nuts, and a vinaigrette.  It is also great sauteed, in pesto, atop a pizza, or in soups.  Store in plastic bag in fridge, rinse, and dry before eating.

Cherry Tomatoes: Enjoy this colorful mix of heirloom cherry tomatoes! These delicious candy-like treats are a welcome addition to any green salad, pasta salad, or as a quick snack.  Never store in fridge to maintain great flavor and texture.  Keep on the counter and eat soon.

Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes:  We have Brandywines, Piriform, Lemon Boys, Copias, Purple Calabash and Green Zebras just to name a few (see the website for photos of each).  These make a killer bruschetta, fresh caprese salad, or BLT sandwich.   These beauties should be stored on the counter (belly button down) and eaten soon. Wash well and enjoy!

Shady Lady OR Roma Tomatoes: The Shady Ladys are a great slicing variety with a lot of vine-ripe flavor and our Romas are a tasty paste tomato great for sauce! Always store tomatoes on the counter, as putting them in the fridge will change their texture and taste. Store “belly button” down.  Wash before eating and enjoy!

Romaine Lettuce:  Enjoy this delicious new crop of fresh crunchy Romaine lettuce for salads & sandwiches!  Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash well before consuming.

Fennel:  What a treat!  With a texture like celery and a delicate taste of anise, they can be eaten raw, sauteed, grilled, braised or roasted.  Use the tops for a lovely garnish over soups, salads, or fish.  Store dry in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Summer Squash:   With a delicate flavor, these zucchini can be quickly sauteed or steamed with just a touch of oil or butter and some fresh herbs.  It also goes well shredded in a salad or baked into bread.  Stores best in plastic bag in fridge and wash before eating.

Eggplant Our eggplant is of the Black Beauty variety and has a wonderful taste and texture.  They are deliciously sweet, but to draw out moisture or any bitterness, cut into slices and salt, then leave out for 15 minutes and pat dry before cooking.  Store in fridge and wash before eating.  Enjoy!

Sweet Banana Peppers OR Bell Peppers:  Enjoy these deliciously sweet and crunchy peppers!   The banana peppers look like a big pepperoncini or resemble a hungarian wax pepper but are a larger and sweeter cousin to them both.  These are amazing sliced fresh in a salad, are terrific stuffed with cheese or meat and grilled, and are wonderful pickled.  The green bell peppers turn red and become sweeter as they mature and some of you might just get some that are “sun-tanned” (or green with some red). Store in fridge in crisper and wash before enjoying.