Cherry, Roma, OR Shady Lady Tomatoes:  We are nearing the end of our tomato season as the days get shorter and the nights cooler.  This week you will receive either a basket of mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes, some Roma paste tomatoes or some Shady Lady slicer tomatoes. Never store in fridge to maintain great flavor and texture and keep on counter.  Wash before eating and enjoy them before they are gone for the year! Baby Bok Choy:  First of the season!  This crunchy and tasty veggie is amazing sauteed and adds a little something special to a soup or stir-fry.  Don’t forget to use the ribs! Store in plastic bag in fridge.

Collard Greens:  These luscious green leaves are a great source of beta carotene, vitamin C and calcium.  They are typically cooked a little longer than other greens, but are well worth the wait. Look in our recipe archives for ideas.  Store in fridge and wash before eating.

Easter Egg Radishes: These lovely colorful bunches of red, pink, white, and purple hues have a mild taste and nice crunch.  Slice thinly and add into a fresh green salad or brighten up a vegetable tray. Remove greens and roots before storing and keep in plastic bag in fridge.  Wash well before use.  Visit for a fun Halloween idea for these!

Broccoli: We were amazed to see these beautiful bouquets of green in the field! Rich in fiber and vitamin C, this brassica always adds a flavor to soups, salads, and stir-fries.  Store dry in plastic bag in fridge and wash before using.

Eggplant: This season's fruit is of the Black Beauty variety and has a wonderful taste and texture.  They are deliciously sweet, but to draw out moisture or any bitterness, cut into slices and salt, then leave out for 15 minutes and pat dry before cooking.  Store in fridge and wash before eating.  Enjoy!

Hot Peppers: You will receive a mix of serrano and jalapeno peppers in your box this week (see our website for photos).  These chiles add a little kick to curries, soups, and salsas.  Wear gloves when slicing to avoid getting hot capsicum oil on your hands and remove seeds and membranes for less heat.  Store in crisper and wash before eating.

Green Beans:  These tender wonders are from our friends and neighbors at Terra Firma Farm in Winters and are certified organic.  They will last longer if kept dry in a plastic bag in the fridge.  Snap off tips before eating and wash well.  Enjoy!

Fennel: Enjoy this taste of fall veggie! With a texture like celery and a delicate taste of anise, they can be eaten raw, sauteed, grilled, braised or roasted.  Use tops as a garnish over soups, salads, or fish.  Store in a plastic bag in the fridge.  See this week's recipes for a tasty dish with fennel.

Fuji Apples:  The tasty treats are from our friends at Coco Ranch in Davis and are certified organic.  These Fujis are green with a pink blush and are great for snacking on or baking. Store in fridge or on counter and wash before eating and enjoy!

Diane Sweet Potatoes:  First of the season!  Store in a cool (not cold) dark, dry place.  The high sugar content makes them more perishable than “real” potatoes.  Delicious roasted or baked whole and eaten with little else added.  Also great in soups (try shredding it-adds color and depth of flavor).  Wash well before eating and enjoy!