*Please note you will receive cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, or beets in your box today.  In the afternoon, José realized we wouldn't have enough cauliflower, broccoli and romanesco for everyone this week, so he decided to substitute beets in some of the boxes.  Happy Thanksgiving! Rosemary & Thyme Bunch: Keep these fresh herbs in a plastic bag in the fridge.  You could also dry them!Place fresh herb leaves in a dry spot away from direct sun to dry. Store dried herbs in an airtight jar.

Mixed Baby Lettuce: Enjoy these fresh greens for salads & sandwiches!  Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash well before consuming.

Spinach: This tasty and nutritious green may be a bit dirty.  To clean, first rinse quickly, then fill up a bowl with cold water. Put in water, swish, & let soak for 5-10 min. Lift leaves out of water, rinse & blot/spin dry.  Store in plastic bag in fridge.

*Broccoli, Cauliflower , Romanesco: We were amazed to see these beautiful bouquets in the field! Rich in fiber and vitamin C, this brassica adds a flavor to soups, salads, and stir-fries.  Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash before using.

Celery: The first of the season!  This deliciously crunchy bunch of long ribbed stalks is actually in the same plant family as carrots, parsley, and fennel. Store in plastic in crisper and wash well before eating.

Red Russian Kale: This beautifully ruffled leafy-green is full of calcium and iron and will turn bright green when perfectly cooked.  Slice leaf from stem and store in plastic bag in fridge.  Wash before eating and enjoy.

Leeks: These large alliums are rather mild in flavor and simply melt to perfection when sautéed.  Use in soups, stir-fry, or in place of onions in other dishes for a delicious and more subtle flavor.  Store in fridge and wash very well before using.

Diane Sweet Potatoes: Store in a cool (not cold) dark, dry place.  The high sugar content makes them more perishable than “real” potatoes.  Delicious roasted or baked whole and eaten with little else added.  Wash well before eating.

Tokyo Turnips: The strong wind in Dixon has made the turnip greens ugly, but they’re still edible and full of nutrients.  Remove the greens and store in separate plastic bags in fridge and wash before eating.  The turnip greens are amazing sauteed!

*Beets: Don’t forget to eat the beets greens!  They are extremely good for you and quite tasty.  The beetroots are wonderful shaved thin on salads or melt-in-your-mouth sweet when roasted.  Store roots separately from greens in different bags in fridge for freshness.

Fuyu Persimmons: These beautiful fruits are from our friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm and are Quality Assurance International certified organic.   They sell some of their goods to Purity, which explains the stickers.  This variety of persimmon is ripe even when firm.  Store in fridge and wash well before eating.

Granny Smith Apples: The tasty apples are from our friends at Coco Ranch in Davis and are certified organic.  These Granny Smiths are at their peak of season and are great for snacking or baking.  Store in fridge or on counter and wash before eating and enjoy!

Pomegranate: These tasty fruits are also from Twin Girls Farm and are certified organic.  Store in fridge for longest storage or on counter for 2-3 weeks.  Use a knife to pry open the rind and your fingers to pop out the seeds.

Acorn or Kabocha Squash: These winter squashes not only look pretty, but taste amazing too!  Sweet and easy to prepare,  this winter squash is extremely versatile.  It will keep for a while when stored in a cool (not cold) dry, dark place.

Lemon Salt Sample: Toss a little onto your steamed vegetables, such as broccoli or romanesco! It is a perfect complement to fish, and there is a world of opportunities for lemon salt on fruit or cheese-based desserts.