IMG_0672.JPG This is not something that you see every day. We are not an ordinary farm on our block here north of Dixon. Weeds in wheat are controlled by herbicides on other farms, something you buy from Monsanto or their ilk. We use our vegetable seeder to plant wheat, and to us it makes perfect sense to use the brush hoe that is matched with it. The wheat seed was planted just before that last rain, and it has germinated magnificently. The beds had been pre-irrigated, so as we sowed the crops, we destroyed weeds that had not yet taken hold. I had not planned to grow wheat on the farm this year because I was hoping that a neighbor might grow it for us as a transitional crop. This could have been a first step to organic farming. I promised to pay what it took but to no avail. This is a shame because Rainbow Grocery had committed to buying our freshly milled flour. Anyone who knows Rainbow will understand why we had to think big and plant at least ten acres. I could not spare that land having it planted to vegetables for your boxes this winter. To maintain our seed stocks, I planted just under half an acre of each of four varieties on our farm. Alas, Rainbow will have to wait until we can find another solution.