Last night at 2.40am our two imacs were stolen from the office. We did not discover this until just afternoon today. The thieves took some personnel items but nothing else. All the credit card numbers that many of you asked us to keep on file are safe. On the computer is a copy of our old database which does have our members names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers. The information on our new online database is safely behind your passwords and stored off the farm.

An iphone was left on the desk along with a check, the sheriff concludes that the theif was only interested in turning a fast buck on the computers and not in the data.

We are trying to locate the computers but so far the one we can track has not been turned on where there is an internet connection. If you have any ideas on how we can recover these plese let us know. Below are the serial numbers from the boxes for each computer.



If you have any information or concerns then please do call me at any time, my cell phone number is 530 848 3335