We all need something to do, something that makes us feel like we are actually making a difference.  For me that always comes back to cooking for loved ones, family, friends or new acquaintances.  More than ever I feel a need to cook to feed Nigel.  Last night I made one of his favorite dishes, creamed spinach, but this time I gave it a nutritional bonus by adding Eatwell Farm chicken stock.  Yes, our spinach is dirty, but I find it only takes two good washings in salted water, so that really isn't such a big deal when I consider the reward of the most delicious spinach grown!  No need to trim the bottoms, the entire bag (after washing, of course) went into a pot with some of our chicken stock and cooked it all down.  Made a simple roux, about 4 TB of flour and 4 TB of butter, once that turned a light golden color I added some cream. The consistency at this point is extremely thick so it is wise to add some of the spinach "water" (in this case the stock) and mix it well making sure you don't have any lumps.   To deal with the spinach I simply pureed using an immersion blender and because I didn't want to lose any of the chicken stock, nor do I want runny cream spinach, I cooked the pureed spinach a bit longer to reduce the liquid.  Slowly add you roux/cream, add salt, nutmeg and pepper, if you like, all to taste and enjoy one of Nigel's favorites!