Next week we will start delivering to a new site in Hayes Valley at Fell and Buchanan.  If  you are a current Eatwell CSA member, and you’d like to switch to this location, log into your online account and click on “View/Modify Subscription” in the My Subscriptions section of your member dashboard. Then, click on “Modify,” which is in brackets right below the name of your subscription.

From there you will be able to select a new pick up site.  Of course you are welcome to contact the office at (707) 999-1150 or, and Ashlee can take care of it.  If you have any friends in Hayes Valley who are considering joining a CSA, please tell them about our new site!  Or perhaps you live in Hayes Valley!  Please note that this house is also a CSA site for Soul Food Farm ( every fourth Wednesday of the month.  They offer pasture-raised chickens for eggs and meat.  If you order eggs from us, make sure you take eggs from the Eatwell cooler!