I am very happy to say we are sending out our first gift boxes this week.  Not happy though that they are needed, but very grateful to be in a place in our life where we can give at least this little bit to help some others who are going through difficult times. I believe we have 8 people signed up so far, potentially 9, so I do have room for one more.  Please remember these will run in 4-week cycles and people will continue to receive a box as long as we don’t have more people on the list and or until they no longer need the help. If we do go over 10 people then I will put everyone on a rotating list. It didn’t occur to me how difficult this would be emotionally.  I have tried to read everyone’s stories when links to websites, blogs or Facebook were sent to me. I feel their “pain” in a very different way now that I have my own story, but that is just a small price to pay. It gives me such tremendous joy to know that our community is able to help feed some folks who really need the best food they can get. I want to thank all of you who have requested a box for a friend/family member for doing your part in this gift. Your responsibility of picking up and delivering and in some cases cooking and juicing is probably the best thing you could do for someone who is fighting such a debilitating disease.

Lastly I wanted to mention that I a few of you suggested we make it possible for members to contribute the gift box fund. I have spoken with Ashlee, and she is coordinating with the site programmers to set up an option to make very small contributions, small amount options like $1, $5 and $10. The idea put forth was that if it were small sums of money it would be easy for many of you to add a little to the pot.  We are committed to giving 10 boxes a week for as long as we can do this, so any money that might come in in the future would go to increasing the number of boxes.

Keeping Our Glasses Full! Lorraine