My parents are leaving after a six week long visit on Thursday. My daughter  arrived last Thursday from Spain where she is teaching English. Having family around at times like these with my health is very important to us. My mum now has quite an insight into the farm and how it works and made the remark last week to Lorraine and "It's all about community." She is quite right. There is the community of us who work on the farm. Then you, our members, who support and share in the bounty of the farm. You have supported our family during this time of struggle with my cancer, as I have said before, words do quite fail me to describe the power of your thoughts, prayers and financial support. This is what fires me up each and every morning.

It is with much sadness that we received an email telling us that a member who was part of our free box for cancer patients has passed away. It brought tears to our eyes as in a very short time we have been part of the struggle with these ten members and their families. If you know of anyone who is in need please let Lorraine know by emailing her at We will add an extra box to your subscription which you can pick up at your site and take to your friend or family member.

On a much happier mote we met with my oncologist on Tuesday, and he reported that my therapy is working very well and that I am already VGPR meaning very good partial remission. I have just started the another four week chemo cycle and have one more after this. I am delighted over the moon and feel very lucky that these fairly benign chemo drugs are having such a rapid effect. My walking is improving, and I have been referred to a doctor who can help me with the compound fracture in my spine. There is still a long way to go, but I  am very much on the right track.