Some of you may be familiar with Pop Nation since their popsicle carts are all around San Francisco. They use fresh fruit that includes strawberries from our farm. Having lots of strawberries in the field is one thing, but having the time to pick them is another. Jose and I are behind on planting in the field from the late spring start in mid-April. So we told Sarah (second from the left) that if she wanted them, she would have to pick them herself. Last Thursday she and her friends did just that! They picked 200 pounds in about an hour with the help of Jason’s mum, Becky, who is visiting from Kansas with Jason’s dad, Jim, and seeing what their crazy son is up to on the farm. Yesterday when Sarah came back to return the plastic trays, she brought us popsicles to try, and they sure were delicious. We especially enjoyed the strawberry-basil flavor! As you might remember from last summer, we should have plenty of basil for everyone.