As many of you know, we grow some heirloom wheat varieties and mill them into fresh flour. Growing wheat takes up valuable space on the farm, so last fall we were only able to plant enough to keep our seed stock fresh. It will be harvested either at the end of this month or the first week of July. You can look forward to varieties such as Frassinetto, which is an Italian heirloom variety that makes amazing bread and pasta, and Sonora, which is one of the oldest heirloom varieties in North America.  It is especially great for making soft breads, pastries, and pie crust. We are working to convince a local farmer to grow the wheat for us next year. It would be grown organically on land in its first year in transition to becoming CCOF-certified organic. Not only would this wheat be grown for our CSA members, but he would also grow wheat to feed our chickens so that we do not have to truck in organic wheat from the Midwest. We much prefer to buy local whenever it is possible.  As always your comments and suggestions are appreciated.