Our pond was dug to provide soil for the earth covered farmhouse. When the pond is full of water, it will be a fun place for us all to enjoy on farm event days. We will also be drawing water from the pond to irrigate our crops. The water will rest for a while in the pond  allowing any debris from the canal to settle and not block our filters. We hope to put some fish in the pond to provide those who like fishing with some fun and food. The fish will also lightly fertile the water and provide a small amount of nutrients for the crops. So many wonderful benefits from just a pond! On Tuesday morning our pond got a liner to keep the water from leaking. We were hard at work making preparations for the crew who installed the liner. At first we were told they would arrive on Thursday, then late Tuesday, and then  it changed to early Tuesday. We had to work late Monday night and get up very early in morning to make sure all was as it should be for the liner to be put in place by the professional crew.