DSCF1645.JPG There are some who take making tomato sauce as a very serious matter. I myself make sauce simply and quite quickly. I believe a simple sauce allows me to spice it up when I open the jar in January as then I have more time to be creative. Here’s how I make sauce...

Wash the tomatoes, then (stay with me here) I put them through a free-standing garbage disposal we have on the farm. The resulting pulp falls into a three-gallon pan. There is a crazy farmer who runs a farm very similar to ours in Sequim, Washington, and he suggested buying the garbage disposal, which we keep specially for tomatoes. Then, I cook down the tomatoes to 50% of their original volume. I prefer this to go as slowly as I have time for, but it can be done in a couple of hours. I then heat the mason jars in the oven or dip them in very hot water. The sauce is stirred and carefully added to the jars. The lid is put on tight and the jar left upside down to cool slowly. This is really easy, and I have sauce from last year that is perfectly good now. The method is called hot packing and is widely used. It is very safe if the jars and the sauce are hot.
I encourage any of you who have never made sauce to come to the farm and give it a go. There will be many pros to help and reassure you. Buy yourselves a couple of packs of canning jars from the hardware store, bring a big pot and a camping stove, and you are ready to make sauce. We pick the tomatoes and you make the sauce. The cosmetically challenged tomatoes are always free at the farm.