IMG_3376.JPGOur chickens eat organic corn grown in the Midwest. As we all have seen and heard, much of the central part of the country is suffering from severe drought. It is not a good year to be a farmer when there is no water to grow crops. For us this means that we will have to pay more for not only organic corn, but for all of the feed that we buy for the chickens. When there is not enough corn, the demand for wheat goes up, and the prices increase, too. This coming winter could be quite a roller coaster. We cannot absorb these increases in cost, so we will be watching our feed bill very carefully, and undoubtably, the price of our eggs will increase. It is too soon to know by how much and when they will increase. Our organic chicken feed is bought by the truckload in order to get the best discounts, and we store it in bins on the farm.