IMG_3771.JPG If anyone has driven a tractor, they will know how hard it is to drive in a very straight line. Technology is at hand if you have a spare extra $15,000 to spend on your new tractor. GPS for tractors is now well established. The accuracy is incredible; plus or minus half an inch. That is very good over a quarter of a mile. Last week our good friend Matt Cooley set up his tractor with our bed maker on it and programmed the computer to mark out our beds. The chickens have spent all of June and July here so now we have to prepare the beds for planting. I was very concerned about putting in straight beds because Jose and I are experimenting with permanent irrigation sprinklers in the beds. This means no more moving pipe. We will just turn on a valve or set it to turn on at midnight or whatever time we wish. This will save us lots of work, grow better crops and save water. I hope to have a video up on the website later this week showing how this was done.