IMG_0439.JPG Last weekend I spent a wonderful three days at New Family Farm in Sebastopol taking a class on how to work with draft horses. I was thrilled to be there considering where I have been this year. Our teachers were Doc Hammill and his partner Cathy from Montana. We learnt about the horse and people physiology, what makes us both tick and how we can work together. Yes, working with horses is slow, but absolutely satisfying. Jose and I believe there is a place for horses on our farm, one that makes sense. Our Belgian draft horse, Stella, will pull a trailer in and out of the field moving the vegetables. Roberto and Ramon will concentrate on all the heavy field work with the tractors. Back to the class...We learnt how to put on the harness and drive with a single and double team. My grandfather was a teamster working on the farm with horses, and it seemed natural to me to be doing this. I felt him helping me with the reins. Sparky was mellow and sensitive to touch on the reins; we all had such a great time.