A truck just arrived on the farm with 1,000 pounds of garlic seed cloves. The variety is California Late, which we are planting this morning since it's not too wet from last night's rain. We know how much you all love garlic. This is the same amount we sowed last year, but we were not able to get enough water to the crop in the early winter, and the yield suffered. This year will be different, and we are looking forward to a great crop. Last week 200 pounds of potato seed arrived. Planting it at this time of year is very much a gamble, as is all farming. If the winter is very wet or very cold, the crop will fail, but otherwise we may be harvesting in late April. We have varieties that do not need to be kept cold during the winter to break their dormancy. These will grow as soon as we plant them. Some crops and varieties are very sensible and will not grow until they have gone through a period such as a cold winter before they will even think about growing.