I have been asked by some CSA members and CUESA, the organization that runs the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, to express an opinion on this proposed new law. Farmers have always saved seed from their best plants and cross-pollinated varieties to make improvements. Sophisticated examples of this are the many hybrid varieties of crops that we have nowadays. However, when we remove a gene from a completely different crop or animal and place it in a plant, we are doing something very different. Anyone who says it is the same is trying to deceive you. Genetically modified organisms have been pushed onto the market by corporations that have profit as their only motive. They are supported by their paid political representatives and appointees. It makes no sense to carry out a huge feeding experiment on the American people without first doing smaller scale trials. Many countries do not allow this to happen and insist on GMO labeling if these crops are included. If Monsanto was proud of their crops, they would want you to know that they were included in the food that you bought. I have many other issues with GMO crops and the associated pesticide use, but for the time being we just have to encourage everyone to vote yes on Prop 37.