IMG_0608.JPG Costco is full of Christmas cheer, and now is the time to plan. During the week of Thanksgiving we will be delivering all of the boxes on Wednesday, November 21. If you usually get a box on Thursday, it will be delivered on Wednesday that week. We will be closed during the last week of December and will not be delivering boxes on December 26 and 27. Deliveries will resume on Wednesday, January 2. We will be taking just one week off. If you are not able to pick up your box, please consider donating it. It is easy to do online. When you select the date and click hold, you will be asked if you want to donate it. We have an account where we record all this, and the value of your box will be donated. A few weeks ago a load of lettuce went to the Food Bank in Sacramento, and this week we are hoping to give them lots of cabbage and cauliflower. Lorraine has her boxes for cancer patients, and after each week we donate anything we have left to Food Runners, who take it to shelters for the homeless. Share the produce and the love.