photo-1.JPG We have very sad news to report. Ricardo who has been a very important and fun part of the team here at Eatwell Farm died on Sunday evening. He was killed in a car accident; thankfully his was the only vehicle involved. Today has been a very sad day on the farm for everyone. He always had a smile, more like a happy grin. He was a smart young man who did not have the opportunities for a good education. He was part of the harvest crew, was in charge of irrigation and processed the vegetable oil. He was a loved and trusted member of the farm crew.

We are raising money to send his body home to his family in Mexico. I have heard it could cost as much as $4,000. All of us on the farm will be donating and if you are able and would like to help his family please send a check to us made out to Roberto Rodriguez, his next of kin. Roberto is our main tractor driver.

Our address is Eatwell Farm 5835 Sievers Rd, Dixon California 95620.