IMG_0670.JPG On Friday I will pick up 500lbs of sonora wheat for seed. This will be planted in the next ten days along with the seed we grew this year on the farm. We will plant a total of 15 acres. We have to thank our farm friends Mark and Matt Cooley for letting us grow this crop on their land. By June next year we hope to have 30 tons of wonderful heirloom wheat. The seed is hard to find and very expensive. I will pay $1,000 for this seed.

Today I milled enough Sonora  flour to fill 22 3lb bags. They are available now to member to order with their box next week. Please order before noon tomorrow. I will save some for the harvest market on sunday. I will take a few to the farmers market on Saturday. The price of the flour has gone up because the seed that replaces it is so expensive. The cost to members is $7 for 3lbs and $9 at the farmers market.