DSCF1636.JPG Lorraine is ready for this year to end, and she is planning a big end of the year party. I recovered from cancer; I know members or their spouses who did not. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. I feel very fortunate, blessed and ready to get on with all the work here on the farm. Let us not forget those that care for a loved one who is very ill, the strain and hard work takes its toll. I am very fortunate not just to have an amazing wife and family, but a community that came out in full force to support me. I will never forget that. My mother was totally amazed at the outpouring of support. She remarked, “Nigel, maybe you are doing something that people really appreciate.” Coming from her that is a very big deal. When I was 21 years old, I left a very good job and safe career to start farming. She never let me forget it, and until this year she could not believe all the hard work was worth it. You have finally convinced her.