Here are some ideas for sustainable gift ideas for you, your family, friends and co workers. Please share this, share the message. You can order these to be delivered with your box, just sign in to your account to place the order. We can ship an order  to you or the lucky person receiving your gift. Please go to our shop our products now page. If you would like a message included please tell us.


Eatwell Farm flavored salts. These are a great stocking filler, a safe gift, travels well in carry-on luggage. The new jars look fantastic and can be refilled or re-purposed after use. Cost $9 each or any five for $40. Lavender Essential Oils. Our lavender oil is 100% pure certified organic delight. I used to put ten drops in my boys’ bath in the evening to ‘slow’ them down ready for bed. It makes everyone happy. Only $15 for 1/3rd ounce. Special Essential Oils. We distill these plants for organic cosmetic companies. The products go all over the world. The oils are rare in this they’re 100% pure certified organic form. We have available Rose Geranium and Lemon Verbena. Our biggest culinary customers are bakers and chocolate makers. At $50 for 1/6th ounce they are an indulgent delight. Hydrosols. These are 4 ounce spritzers to refresh and revive. I keep one in the car to keep me alert. We have Lemon Verbena, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Lavender Grosso and Super. Cost $6 each or five for $25. Strawberry T Shirts. We have a few left of the ‘I strawberry Eatwell Farm’. Please email Ashlee in the office with your size requests. Cost Adult sizes $18, Youth $15.

Sugar Body Scrub. Make your skin smooth easily and safely with this delightful body polish. Made with organic sugar this is not harsh like a salt scrub. Cost 4 ounce $6 five for $25 or 16 ounce $21.

Healing Salves. This was the first product we made ‘way back when’. It has a strong following. Great for cuts, bruises or rough skin. Some of my best customers are still in diapers. Cost 1 ounce $6 five for $25, 4 ounce $15. We also have a super charged version with Artemisa arborescens essential oil added. $9 1 ounce

Massage Balm. This came about because a member who is a massage therapist requested it. Based on the healing salve it has the same great ingredients just a different formulation. Highly recommended for use after the sugar scrub. Cost $6 4 ounce, 16 ounce $21.

Gift Subscriptions. Give the gift of great food, a box of Eatwell Farm produce for four weeks or more. The grateful recipient will be able to start the box when they like and schedule them to fit their life. Four Boxes $116. You can add pasture raised eggs or simply put money in their cash account for them to use on any of our great products to add to their box. We produce a wonderful gift card that can be mailed directly to the lucky person.

Drinkwell Softers. A delicious soft drink made with flavors from our farm. A great and important alternative to alcohol this holiday season. Cost $2 for 8 ounce bottle. Please return the bottle with your empty box for reuse.