IMG_0772.JPG As farmers we work with nature as much as possible not against it. We take advantage of a dry spell to cultivate our fields and plant more crops. The rain last week was wonderful and much more is forecast to arrive on Wednesday. So we jump into action with our finger weeder, mower and seeder planter. Ramon and Miguel are weeding fava beans and peas. Roberto was mowing the peppers, basil and the eggplant. Tomorrow they will use the brush hoe on wheat planted last week that has already germinated. Roberto will sow more seeds of vegetables. We planted lots last week but this maybe our last chance to plant for some time. We discussed whether we should plant more and both came to the conclusion that the extra cost of $500 worth of seed was a good insurance should the rain keep us out of the fields until the new year. We hope to have the heirloom wheat planted by our neighbors tomorrow too.