Lettuce: These fresh greens are from a beautiful bed of greens. Enjoy them in salads and on sandwiches! Store in a plastic bag in fridge and wash well before consuming. Navel Oranges: These juicy treats are from our friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm near Fresno and are QAI (Quality Assurance International) certified organic.  We have been friends with this family farm for a long time and see them every week at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. They sell some of their goods to Purity, which will explain if it has a market sticker on it. The oranges keep well in the fridge. Peel and enjoy!

Escarole: The holidays are upon us, and it is a good time to cleanse the system. This vegetable will do the trick. Eat it raw with a sweet dressing to balance the bitter flavor or cook to mellow the flavor. It is a tasty addition to soups, too! Store in plastic bag in fridge and wash before eating.

Spinach: This tasty and nutritious green will be dirty because it has been rainy and muddy on the farm this week. To clean, first rinse quickly, then fill up a bowl with warm water. Put spinach in the water, swish, and let soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Lift leaves out of water, rinse and blot or spin dry. Store in plastic bag in fridge, but do not wash it until you are ready to cook!

Cauliflower: These beautiful heads of cauliflower are easy to cook. Try roasting them with a bit of olive oil for a deliciously deep flavor and crispy-yet-tender texture. Keep in crisper of fridge and wash before eating.

Broccoli: We were amazed to see these beautiful bouquets of green in the field! Rich in fiber and vitamin C, this brassica always adds a flavor to soups, salads, and stir-fries. Store dry in fridge and wash before using.

Collard Greens: These luscious green leaves are a great source of beta carotene, vitamin C, and calcium.  They are typically cooked a little longer than other greens, but are well worth the wait. Store in fridge and wash well.

Turnips: This ancient veggie is one of the earliest to be cultivated and was a staple before the potato. It is rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamins A and C. These beauties can be eaten raw or steamed and have a deliciously buttery crunch. Remove the greens and store in separate plastic bags in fridge. Be sure to wash them before eating.

Green Onions: The beautiful purple roots of these onions are great raw in salads and on sandwiches. They have a nice flavor without too much heat. Use the green parts as scallions. Wash them well and remove bottom quarter-inch before consuming.

Savoy Cabbage: The beautiful head of cabbage with its crinkly leaves is amazingly sweet with a more delicate flavor than other cabbage varieties. It is a lovely addition to soups and is great raw in salads or slaws. Keep in crisper  of fridge and wash before eating.

Lemon Verbena: This super fragrant herb was probably the first thing you noticed in your box this week! It may show up to you already mostly dried—it dries out within a few hours of being harvested. Don’t worry, it’s still great! Lemon verbena is often used to make a refreshing tea. Just pour hot water over the leaves and steep 10 minutes. Sweeten as needed. This herb has medicinal properties, such as calming an upset stomach and soothing nerves. Since it is known to promote a good night’s sleep, we recommend drinking a cup of lemon verbena tea before bed, not before work. Hang it upside down to complete the drying process. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Fun fact: Recchiuti Confections uses our lemon verbena for their chocolate truffles!