We love the rain because it makes everything grow well, and we need it to recharge the groundwater and reservoirs. Weeds also germinate and grow with the rain, so we have to use the time between rains when the soil is dry enough to get out there and hoe away newly germinated weeds. The spinach crop for harvesting in January and February is looking splendid. It germinated well, and Ramon was able to control the weeds before the rains started. IMG_1077.JPG

Our goal is to make the beds ready to plant, then to irrigate and allow the weeds to sprout. We can cultivate the transplant or sow seeds, which by their action disturbs and destroys the weeds. This is called a weed strike. If there is some delay, Roberto remakes the bed with the bed shaper. Timing is everything, and with so many tasks demanding attention at the same time it is sometimes difficult. This year our winter garden looks great; just one planting has a few too many weeds for our liking.