We have added a pick up at the farmers market in San Francisco hence the 9th in the title above.[pe2-gallery class="alignright" ] IMAGE_DBCC098F-77FF-45BE-8AA5-DF58703C1CD5.JPG


Here's what we will have for your delight this week....

Red Potatoes, freshly dug from Tom Wiley.


Navel Oranges from Twins Girls Farm and our own trees

Pomelo from our own trees

Lemons from Twin Girls Farm

Butternut Squash

Red Cabbage

Stir Fry Greens


Tat soi


Bok Choi

The chickens are laying more eggs, they believe spring is on its way. We have more chicks (1,800) that will arrive on March 26th. Our potato seed will be delivered on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend