IMG_1809.JPGWe are fortunate enough to have a fantastic trade going with Fatted Calf, eggs for bacon or sausage.  I try to keep at least one pack of one of their sausages because they are so versatile and make fantastic meals out of very little and it is done very fast. In the winter this is what I use: Cook one pack of sausage.  I am into fat so I keep the fat and saute leeks and onions in it.  Once they are soft I add cabbage, collard greens, mustard green.  In fact with this dish you can add just about everything in your box this week in any combination you think sounds good.  With 1 lb of sausage I have used as much as 2 good size cabbages plus a bunch of collards and some other mixed greens.  The beauty is you can make it as meaty as you like.  I like to add freshly ground nutmeg and pepper and a little white wine or our chicken stock.  It is not meant to be saucy but you don’t want it to be completely dry.  I usually don’t add any salt, but that can be added or not based on your own preference.  When everything is well cooked we serve it over rice.  Tastes better as the days go by and everyone here