IMG_1791.JPG There is a day in February when you notice the grasses and a few of the crops starting to grow. There is very little growth after the first week of December until February. I find it very exciting to walk around and see such a profound change in just one day. This is our seed crop for the heirloom wheats. We have two beds of each of the four varieties we are maintaining. They are precious, I cannot buy seed for any but Sonora. We sow 12 rows on a bed and cultivate them with our brush hoe just like they were a crop of lettuce or spinach. We are hoping that our neighbors will plant 6 acres of Sonora for us this week. It is too late but we are assured by Monica Spiller at the Whole Grain Connection that it will produce a crop. Roberto sowed lots of lettuce, greens and spinach a couple of weeks ago into to some barely prepared beds. He was not happy, he likes the beds to be perfect but I was concerned about rain forecast and wanted to sow something in case we could not plant again for a month. It turned out that all germinated amazingly well. He made another planting last week, including more peas and fava beans. It thrills me that Roberto, Ramon and Jose are so dedicated and want the crops planted perfectly. I can taste their attention to detail in the crops that we harvest.