IMG_1825.JPG When I first started farming organically onions and garlic were difficult crops to grow. The biggest problem was weeds. If you look at the leaves they do not shade any emerging weed seedlings. A crop of cabbage kept clean of weeds until the leaf canopy fills out will shade out the weeds. I remember many days hand weeding onions in the 1990’s. Now we have this wonderful finger weeder. Ramon helped me take this photo to explain visually, how it works. The fingers should not touch the crop just push the soil and dislodge any seedlings weeds. We start using this tool about ten days after the crop is planted. We continue up to two times per week until the crop canopy gets in the way or we could damage the crop. We had the pleasure of hosting the designer Christian, from Germany. He was inspired by a machine he saw in this country that was made with steel tines. Christian was unimpressed with our weed free crops, “what I expect” is all he could say.