In the next few weeks we will be moving our new laying hens from close to the house out into the new pasture we have sown for them last September. The delay is due to our wish for the pasture to be fully established so that they do not decimate it in a matter of weeks. The girls are production reds from Welp Hatchery. They arrived on the farm last September and are now laying their first training/pullet eggs. These are delicious and highly nutritious. You can order them to be delivered as an extra item with your box. We hope to have a few at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market this coming Saturday. IMG_1841.JPG

The picture was taken at night when I was closing them up for the night. Normally we leave the door open 24/7. I am experimenting with this flock and not mixing it with the California Whites. I am told that bullying can reduce egg production so I will keep this flock alone. It will not have the protection of Daisy the guard dog. I will shut them up at night until I have the automatic doors  installed and working well.