I have a small amount of heirloom wheat seed that was not sown last fall. I did plant enough to maintain my seed stocks so I am now milling what remains for our members. If members of Eatwell Farm do not buy it all I will take the rest to The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays. If you want to know when we will have some keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page. The demand for this flour far exceeds the small amount that we have. Some people have gotten very upset that I am offering it only to our members. Well these people get a weekly or every two week harvest share of our fruit and vegetables here on the farm farm. They make a financial commitment to us and we very much appreciate that. We also have farmers market customers who have been buying from us for a very long time and so they are next in line for the flour.


Our flour mill come from Meadows Mill in North Carolina. It is a beauty and a delight to use. It takes some skill and feel to get the stones set just right for each variety and the current weather conditions as that effects the moisture level and the mill. Our goal is to rent more land so that we can grow 20 acres of these wonderful grains each year. We do not have a lease signed as yet as land around here is in short supply to rent and expensive.

I really enjoy using the mill. The flour produced is luke warm and begs to have warm water and yeast added immediately. A dream of mine is to partner with a young person who would mill flour and bake bread in a wood fired oven right here on the farm for our members. There is nothing better that bread made with freshly milled flour. I believe, it would be a good business for the right person.