IMG_1896.JPG Last Sunday twenty farmers and raw milk enthusiasts came to your farm to hear Tim from the Farm to Consumer Foundation teach a class on raw milk production. Tim is a farmer and dairy consultant. Ginger Rose was very patient as Tim explained what to look for in a good dairy cow and how to prepare her for milking. You will be happy to hear she passed with flying colors. She is grass fed, no grain. Tim said we were feeding her a little too much protein (organic alfalfa) but apart from that she was in excellent condition.

IMG_1895.JPG Ginger Rose is a house cow, we consume the milk. We now need to know from our members how many of you would like to get raw milk with your share box each week? This is important for us to know before we proceed with this project.  The raw milk she produces is delicious. If you understand the joys of raw milk and want to be part of this please take a few moments to fill out a quick survey. Click Here to take the simple fun seven question survey

Here are some links to more information about Raw Milk..

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These are just some links to information. You can search many more for yourself.

Please elt me know if you would like to be part of this project..