IMG_1969.JPG The first new leaves of the plants are growing from the center of the plants in these beds. The strawberry crowns were planted in August last year. They grew well in the fall, putting down deep roots to draw on for flavor and yield this spring.Last Friday we cleaned out any stubborn weeds that sneaked through holes in the plastic. We also extended plastic at the ends of the beds on the pathways. We will see the first berries in your box in the second half of April. At the end of that month we will have the first of our Strawberry days. If you are new to the farm or have never made it out here this is your perfect opportunity. Depending on the crop and weather conditions you can eat all you can and take home more for a very reasonable price. Many members stock up their freezers for winter smoothies and jam making. Take a tour of the farm and see what we are doing. Meet with your chicken that lays the eggs you enjoy every morning. We will have houses full of chicks to pick up for the kids amongst us. Lorraine will be in her Kitchen answering questions and showing off the earth covered house we built and finished almost two years ago. All in all a day to remember. As a member of Eatwell Farm you can bring 6 people with you. To sign up please wait for instructions in the newsletter.