what’s in the box this week?(Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)


Spinach Bunch: The spinach is big enough now to bunch so we can dispense with the plastic bag. Use what you need and wash thoroughly. Yes it is dirty but is keeps much better that way. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Lemons: This versatile fruit adds a great touch to winter greens and salads. Store in the fridge as these have not been waxed like so many fruits in the store. The brushing and cleaning removes the protective bloom. Use within a week. From our long time friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm in Fresno who also packs for purity hence the labels on the fruit. Florence Fennel: We harvest bulbs last fall and now the plant has regrown to produce up to three new bulbs from the same root system. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Romaine Lettuce: Theses small baby lettuce are cut and bagged in the field. We thin the crop in the field to allow room for the remaining lettuce to mature to a larger size. Store in the fridge. French Breakfast or Round Red Radish: A delicious snack or addition to salads. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Italian Parsley: This is a crop I would like to have in the box more often. I have increased our planting for this coming fall. Store in the fridge. Collard Greens: A delicious green which just happens to be packed with vitamin C. Store in a plastic bag the fridge. Green Garlic: It is such a delight to have this back in our harvest shares. My favorite way to enjoy is to stir fry the chopped garlic in a skillet with some olive oil. Then stir in eggs for a delicious green garlic scrambled eggs. A certain Joe Montana bought this and some chicken stock last week from us last Saturday. Store in the crisper. Green Cabbage: It has not been possible to have cabbage at this time of the year for a few years now. We plant at the same time of the year, 1st week of October. If the fall is early or late then it messes with the harvest date. Store in the crisper Leeks: These large alliums are rather mild in flavor and simply melt to perfection when sautéed. Use in soups, stir-fries, or in place of onions in other dishes for a delicious and more subtle flavor. Save the dark green tops for making vegetable stock! Store in fridge and wash well. Navel Oranges: Nacho at Twin Girls Farm has wonderful red headed twin girls, obviously with our twin boys we had a lot to talk about at the farmers  market. Nacho specializes in fruit and has taken over many orchards from retiring farmers or those people with a farm and no experience of fruit tree care. They are all certified organic. It sounds like he spends most of his day in a truck looking at all the trees. Not quite my idea of fun, the driving that is. Nacho sells most of his fruit through Purity so that is why you see the labels on the fruit. Sweet Potatoes: These came back in the truck with me from Turlock. These ‘Miss Livingston’ sweet potatoes are certified organic. Keep them in a warm place, room temperature. They need a view of the the game, March Madness is their favorite time of the year.