Extras for next week. We will be changing the deadline for ordering for next weeks box to 4pm Sunday, normally this is noon Friday. This is an experiment for the next four weeks. To order these items you must log on with your account. The items can only be delivered with your box, not on an off week.

This means you can add extra items up until that time. We listened!

Here's what we have to delight you along with the harvest share...

!. Gabba De Farro Flour 3lb bag $8 only 30 available. Limit 2 per person please.

2. Chicken Stock 2lb/quart container frozen in the egg cooler. $6

3. Drinkwell Softers all the hydrosol flavors, a delicious probiotic drink $2

4. All our salts, sugars, hydrosols, essential oils, sugar scrubs and finishing sugars.

Now I must go Lorraine has just taken some great smelling bread out of the oven.