DSCF0853.JPG It seems that each year we have more events here on the farm, hoping to share this magical land with as many of you, the Eatwell community, as possible.  We find the more exposure to the farm the greater your overall Eatwell experience.  One thought I had, particularly as Nigel has taken on the role of CSA manager and we no longer have a third person here to help out, is we need more hands on deck during the farm events.  I think it is a great opportunity to participate in a new way, especially for any of you seasoned farm visitors.  This coming Sunday, March 31st is our first event for this year, “Spring Farm Walk and Open House”. We need about 6 volunteers, to work either the first part of the day or the second, so you will not be giving up all of your time here.  Your “shifts” will not interfere with the farm walk, everyone gets to go out into the fields with Nigel.  The jobs are:

Parking Attendants (no tie necessary!) Chick Attendants Tea and Coffee Attendants

One More Job We would love to have re-usable event signs made on plywood/painted.  They would all be very simple, large lettering, easy to read.  If anyone is interested in that project, we will supply all the materials and you can either paint this coming weekend or we can get you the supplies and coordinate for future dates.

Any interest please call me 530 554 3971 or email me at drinkwellsofters@gmail.com Thanks - Lorraine