IMG_1896.JPG We are asked many times through the year if we take volunteers. Unfortunately we cannot at the present time. The State does not allow it unless under very strict conditions. So many times people want to spend a week or a month with us. Last year a farm north of us was fined $26,000 for having volunteers working. Now farming can be studied in a classroom but by its very nature it is a practical profession. You must do the work to understand it and learn it. We need more farmers so these rules make no sense to me. Many young people want to ‘taste’ what a career farming is like. We would have to pay them and pay all the taxes and workers compensation. Paying the workers comp makes sense in case they get hurt, we have no problem with that. When you are teaching someone the meaningful work yielded is very small in the beginning. If they are only staying for a short while... you can see the problem. Lorraine and I want to pass on what we know to the farmers who will take over the land and produce the food for your children. There has to be a way to allow them to learn in a safe and non exploited manner. Most farmers are now in their 60’s, this is a very serious matter that we must address.