IMG_2413.JPG what’s in the box this week? (Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)

Spinach: The spinach variety is now polar bear. The stems are not long so we have to go back into a plastic bag as we cannot bunch it. Use what you need and wash thoroughly. Yes it is dirty but is keeps much better that way. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Lemons: This versatile fruit adds a great touch to winter greens and salads. Store in the fridge as these have not been waxed like so many fruits in the store. The brushing and cleaning removes the protective bloom. Use within a week. From our long time friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm in Fresno who also packs for purity hence the labels on the fruit. Sugar Snap Peas: A spring delight, best eaten raw or just very light steaming. Store in the fridge. Dandelion: A wonderful cleansing herb. Use in Lorraine’s recipes this week. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Baby Lettuce: Theses small baby lettuce are cut and bagged in the field. We thin the crop in the field to allow room for the remaining lettuce to mature to a larger size. Store in the fridge. Tokyo Turnips: These are delicious salad turnip which I believe are best eaten raw. Store in the fridge. Chard: I ounce had a group of Davis children on a farm tour tasting the raw chard in the field. We had three varieties and we were discussing the differences in flavor while their parents looked on aghast.  Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Red Ace Beets: Growing up beets always came pre cooked and peeled in a plastic tray. We never saw them in the flesh so to speak. It does seem like we are having an easier time germinating this crop now. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Scallions: A yellow onion variety this bunch has three or four onions in it. Please use the greens in soups or stir fry. Store in the fridge. Red Cabbage: Cabbage reminds us often of over cooked mush on the plate. Learning to love it is not hard just some great slaw salads, stir fry’s and then sauerkraut. Store in the crisper. Green Garlic: It is such a delight to have this back in our harvest shares. My favorite way to enjoy is to stir fry the chopped garlic in a skillet with some olive oil. Then stir in eggs for a delicious green garlic scrambled eggs. Store in the crisper. Navel Oranges: Nacho at Twin Girls Farm has wonderful red headed twin girls, obviously with our twin boys we had a lot to talk about at the farmers  market. Nacho specializes in fruit and has taken over many orchards from retiring farmers or those people with a farm and no experience of fruit tree care. They are all certified organic. It sounds like he spends most of his day in a truck looking at all the trees. Not quite my idea of fun, the driving that is. Nacho sells most of his fruit through Purity so that is why you see the labels on the fruit. There is a rumor around here that we will have the first strawberries in your harvest share next week! I have ordered strawberry baskets and boxes for the harvest days. We will hopefully be able to put quart baskets in your shares in May when the big harvest days allow us...Nigel