IMG_2651.JPG what’s in the box this week? (Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)

Strawberries: The first of the season, these will be in your box relentlessly now. Eat right away as we pick them ripe and they will not last long. The store bought stuff has been picked way under ripe so that it can survive the journey to the distribution depot then to the store and wait in back stock until shelf space is available. Head of Lettuce: Normally we sow lettuce seed directly into the beds. These were sown in a greenhouse then transplanted this spring. I hope you like a large lettuce for a change. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Lemons: This versatile fruit adds a great touch to winter greens and salads. Store in the fridge as these have not been waxed like so many fruits in the store. The brushing and cleaning removes the protective bloom. Use within a week. From our long time friend Nacho at Twin Girls Farm in Fresno who also packs for purity hence the labels on the fruit. Red Russian Kale: These plants are new this spring, grown in a greenhouse and transplanted just like the lettuce. We have more collards and chard grown the same way coming soon. Store in a plastic bag in the crisper. Sugar Snap Peas: Peas do not like the wind, I am not sure how many we are going to be able to pick for your box today. Eaten fresh out of the box with some salt or mayo is the best. Florence Fennel: The fennel was planted in August last year. It produced a beautiful large head in the fall. The roots have sent up four or more young fennels this spring for us to enjoy. They are smaller but just as delicious. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Scallions: A yellow onion variety this bunch has three or four onions in it. Please use the greens in soups or stir fry. Store in the fridge. Red Roxanne Cabbage:  Roxanne is the variety name, I am a sucker for great variety names. I had a new summer spinach seed arrive last week called Donkey, not sure I like that one. Store in the crisper. Green Garlic: It is such a delight to have this in our harvest shares. My favorite way to enjoy is to stir fry the chopped garlic in a skillet with some olive oil. Then stir in eggs for a delicious green garlic scrambled eggs. Store in the crisper. Carrots: These come from Los Pablos at Terra Firma Farm in Winters. If you have a bunch of carrots then they are from our field, we were hoping to have enough for everyone but alas there were fewer than Jose and I hoped. Store in the crisper Tangelos or Navel Oranges: The tangelos are from our trees and the Navels are the last for this year. They are delicious and we will miss them but wait... valencies coming soon. Nacho sells most of his fruit through Purity so that is why you see the labels on the fruit. Lemon Verbena: I am not sure where to put this wonderful herb on the list because you can enjoy it fresh or dried. Lucky for us the flavor is the same. I first had a tea made from this in Israel back in 1985. The farmer I was working with boiled some water then went outside with some scissors and came back int with some sprigs of this green herb. He added just a touch of his own honey and I was hooked for life. Now it is a popular item at the market too and we distill some every year for organic cosmetic companies.