Lorraine writes...  Just a quick note about oranges. I have never been a big fan of oranges, fresh orange juice yes, but not to simply peel and eat.  That being said, I now realize how inferior the oranges I ate in the past have been.  The importance of high quality, organic, seasonal/fresh produce is so vital and it is obvious when you eat it.  I know there have been studies attempting to prove that organic isn’t nutritionally any better than conventional, but if we just stop to think about it that really doesn’t make sense.   The real stuff, coming from great farmers, who truly are artisans, who know their craft and work passionately to grow the best food possible, you taste that. That taste happens for a reason, that reason, I believe is the proof of better nutrition.  So enjoy those fabulous oranges, and I for one am very grateful for our relationship with Twin Girls!