IMG_2772.JPG Don in Fresno working on our pump.

Lots more plants arrived last Friday and we picked up our sweet potato cuttings are ready in Turlock. We place and picked up cuttings for five farms this year. By ordering together we get a better price and as our orders are relatively small we get a grower interested enough to help us. These cuttings are not organic, we have to wait until Early June before any organic grower in Turlock will let us have any extra plants That is too late for us to plant and get a crop in our area. So we have a very intense time ahead in  the coming weeks. This wind makes it difficult to plant, our second pump is replaced and working now. One of our neighbors lost a field of watermelons because the plants could not take up enough water on the windy days. Our tomatoes have been side shooted which means we divide the field in half and remove the shoots that emerge from the leaf axils. This will stop the plants from being so bushy. The energy will be concentrated to the main stem and more importantly the first fruit truss on it. The bushy plants will yield more fruit but harvest begins later. So we only side shoot half the filed of the heirloom cherries and large heirloom tomatoes. We leave the Red Slicers, Romas and Early Girls alone to do their own thing.