IMG_2353.JPG Last week Nigel and I got a preview of the potatoes.  They were so incredibly, amazingly delicious we ate fried potatoes and eggs 3 days in a row.  These potatoes are not starchy and don’t need to be rinsed before frying and they fry beautifully!  Wash well, chop and fry in a pan with a good oil or bacon fat.  Add in chopped carrots when the potatoes about half way cooked.  Then closer to finish throw in some chopped onion, garlic and some greens, a little arugula or basil.  Add a little Eatwell Farm Rosemary Salt or Smoked Chili Salt or some fresh oregano.  Eat with fried eggs if you like or just a simple green salad.  I guarantee you will want to eat them 3 days in a row too!