(Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)


Strawberries: The strawberries are in a lull due to the windy conditions three and four weeks ago. The flowers did not set enough fruit when it was windy. The plants are recovering from the wind and producing more flowers now.

Basil: This needs no introduction. Delicious made into a quick pesto over fresh pasta. Now that is fast food. We will have extra boxes of Basil for those who want to make a great deal of pesto for freezing or parties. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Summer Squash: We have four types of squash planted so you may get the light green Mexican, dark green regular squash, yellow squash or the round ones. Store in the fridge. Arugula: I have to say that it is getting easier to grow arugula in hot weather. Yes we are getting better at sowing and irrigating it but there is also the soil. We believe the whey we use and the chicken manure is enlivening the soil life and feeding the plants. Store in a crisper. Makes a great salad with the spinach/ lettuce and carrots. Radish: This crops grows so fast it is hard to get the timing right to pick for your box. They are perfect for about four days so we hope the window fits right into the harvest this week. Store in the crisper with the tops removed. Apricots: Not the most beautiful of fruit but that is because they are not sprayed. These dry farmed delicious fruit are grown by Bill Crepps in Winters. Bill is no longer certified organic because of all the paperwork and expense. He has not changed how he farms. Spinach:  Great to have this back. The hot windy days in April and May were not good for germination of this crop. The variety has the great name ‘Donkey’. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Turnips: Salad turnips, at the risk of sounding like a broken vinyl record, the greens are very good for you just like collards. The turnips are great in salads, soups and roasted with potatoes. Remove the tops and store in the crisper. Onions: Spring crop onions. Web take the largest in the field. You can use a fair part of the tops as well as the base. Store in the crisper. Persian Cucumbers or Tomatoes: The cucumbers are from seed given to us by our friends and neighbors at Magnum Seeds. Potatoes: These are small and we are only putting about a pound in every one’s box.  These may be small but they are very special. This is one crop that you can taste that it has been organically grown. If you need more check out the online store to order a 5lb bag with you next box. Store in a cool dark place. Next week you will have more tomatoes in your box. We have heirloom cherries, red slicers and romas almost ready. The large heirloom tomatoes will be ready in a couple of weeks. Please take care unfolding the boxes as the flaps can be damaged easily and return them each week. Nigel