IMG_3946.JPG This past weekend was the Garlic/Solstice Party.  For those of you who have never come up to the farm for one of our events, I can tell you they are amazing.  I do not say that as a way of complimenting the work that we (Nigel, the boys and I) do to make any of the events happen. The weekend was wonderful because those of you who attended made it so.  People helping, Bill, Marie and Robin, Joyce and Havel, plus everyone else who helped that I don’t know about, you took a huge burden off our collective shoulder, thank you.  But our greatest joy by far comes from watching you all together, starting out as strangers on a farm, kids immediately making friends, and by the end of it all, adults exchanging numbers and emails now friends.  Hearing the instruments playing and the voices singing around the campfire late into the night, puts a smile on our faces when we go to bed, knowing we have accomplished our ultimate goal; Community Around Food