IMG_4175.JPG Organic produce can be grown with compost made from the manure of caged hens. That kind of chicken manure is a biohazard. Chickens living on pasture, eating the grass and clover and depositing their manure creates no biohazards. It revitalizes the soil without the great expense of diesel trucks to haul it from chicken factory to compost facility and then to an organic farm. The vast majority of organic produce in the stores is grown this way.  I do not like it either. If I grow a great pasture and the chickens do their thing then growing the vegetables is the easy part. Let me explain; The chickens eat bugs in the field so we have less pest problems. They fertilize the fields so that we can grow vegetables for two years without adding any nutrients except calcium (ground limestone or Gypsum). The Lacto bacillus in the whey we feed to the chickens is also enlivening the soil and enhancing the growth of the produce. Our strawberries, for example, withstand the heat waves much better. They produce fruit through the summer and into the fall, before the whey they did not do this. Growing pasture does use water which is in short supply in California, we have access to Lake Berryessa which is almost full.