(Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)  


Strawberries: The crop is now back in full production with good size and flavor. The heat makes picking them difficult so please eat them right now. If they arrive damaged let me know and I will replace them. The overwhelming response from members is to pick them ripe rather than the crunchy one’s you buy in the store. Plums or Peaches: We, and most other farms growing tree fruit, are having problems with harvesting peaches. They are breaking down too fast as some of you have told me after last weeks delivery. Eat the peaches fast or cut them up and freeze them for smoothies. Italian Basil: Nothing says summer like basil. Some chopped heirloom tomatoes, feta, nice olive oil and chili salt all dressed with a few fresh leaves of basil. Coming soon big boxes of basil for you to make a batch of pesto to freeze for the winter. This will be an extra to order with your regular box. Store in a plastic bag in your crisper. Arugula or Red Russian Kale: You still need to eat your greens in the summer. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Summer Squash: We have four types of squash planted so you may get the light green Mexican, dark green regular squash, yellow squash or the round ones. Store in the fridge. Persian Cucumbers: The cucumbers are from seed given to us by our friends and neighbors at Magnum Seeds. Italian Parsley: Another time farming in England I supplied Safeway with organic parsley year round for 3 years. We could produce it for 8 months on our farm and then a French farmer covered us another two months and an Israeli farmer the rest. I also had a greenhouse full locally if anything went wrong with transportation. Crazy life. Store in the crisper. Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes: Our own seed selected from many varieties supplied by gardeners and farmers all over the country through Seed Savers Exchange. So many flavors and colors. Do not refrigerate. Heirloom Tomatoes: The seeds for these wonderful summer fruits have been grown from seed we have selected and saved over the last twenty years. We will try and give you a range of ripeness so they last longer. Do not refrigerate. Roma or Shady Lady Tomatoes: These will keep some time. Please sort through all your tomatoes using the ripest first plus any with signs of damage. We will try to give you a range of ripeness to last the week. Garlic: Please hang this bunch in a dry cool place out of direct sun. Remove each bulb from the bunch as you need it. Leave the stems attached to the bundle as this aids in keeping the quality of the bulbs. Potatoes: The tops of the plants have dried and the crop of potatoes is sitting there waiting for us to pick them all. I have to complete the restoration of the potato digger that we bought in the spring. Store in the crisper. Please return the baskets used for strawberries and cherry tomatoes. If you ordered extra fruit/tomatoes we can use all those cardboard boxes too...Nigel