IMG_4809.JPG (Listed from shortest shelf life to longest shelf life)

Melon or Strawberries: These melons are modern varieties. I have pretty much given up finding a good heirloom for the boxes. Please eat the strawberries right now. If they arrive damaged let me know and I will replace them. The overwhelming response from members is to pick them ripe rather than the crunchy one’s you buy in the store. Lettuce: We are picking tomatoes and Lettuce something we always hope to do but rarely achieve. The heat of summer can send a lettuce into seed production too quickly. These have done well with a our new permanent irrigation system in the far section of the field. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Tokyo Turnips: I am starting to hear how much some of you now like turnips. You have seen the light. My crusade to bring you the joys and nutrition of turnips is beginning to be realized. Store in a plastic bag in the crisper. Summer Squash: We have four types of squash planted so you may get the light green Mexican, dark green regular squash, yellow squash or the round ones. Store in the fridge. Persian Cucumbers: The cucumbers are from seed given to us by our friends and neighbors at Magnum Seeds. They like to see how their seed does in the rigorous conditions of an organic farm without all the pesticide protection. Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes: The seeds for these wonderful summer fruits have been grown from seed we have selected and saved over the last twenty years. We will try and give you a range of ripeness so they last longer. Do not refrigerate. Plums or Nectarines: We have moved to picking these under ripe as so many of you were having them arrive damaged. i was heartened last week to hear how they did ripen in a couple of days and one member told me they were they best nectarines she had ever had. Patience. Ancho Peppers: These are a little spicy. To remove that make sure you take out the seeds and the slivers of pith that the seeds are attached to inside the fruit. Stir fry with some onions and garlic or use in  lots of Mexican dishes. Store in a plastic bag in your crisper. California Early Garlic: Getting to end of this crop. Store in a cool dark place. Eggplant: Aubergine to those from Europe. This  is not bitter like the store bought one’s. I never liked them unless they were soaked and salted. These taste great, Lorraine dipped the slices in batter last week. Store in the crisper. White Onions: These are the first to cure in our huge onion field this year. We have dug these right out of the field. Coming later are red and yellow onions. Keep on your counter and use within a couple of weeks as they are not fully cured. Everything in your box is produced by us at Eatwell Farm in Dixon and certified organic by CCOF #Yo 904. Thank you for your support of our work at Eatwell Farm.