Strawberries: We dare to pick these ripe so they taste amazing. Those red strawberries in the store that are white and crunchy are picked way underripe. If your berries arrive in a mess, let me know. I will replace them. Eat them right away. Do not store them. Cherry tomatoes: The seeds for these wonderful summer fruits have been grown from seed we have selected and saved over the last twenty years. We will try and give you a range of ripeness so they last longer. Do not refrigerate.

Red slicer tomatoes: These are excellent for sauce, cooking in general, as they are far less juicy and much meatier than heirlooms. Let me know if they are damaged, and I will replace them. Keep on the counter unless they are cut or split, in which case you should refrigerate them.

Melons: These melons are modern hybrids, not GMO. I have spent many years trying to find the perfect heirloom melon variety and have pretty much given up. My favorite variety is Ambrosia, but that is owned by Monsanto so I will not grow that. Enjoy.

Red grapes: These table grapes are super tasty. Store in the fridge and eat soon.

Arugula: I am so happy to have arugula back. I love this green. I first grew it back in the late 80s for the River Cafe in London when it was just a strange vegetable requested by this Italian restaurant. Store in the crisper.

Summer squash: We have four types of squash planted, so you may get the light green Mexican, the dark green zucchini, yellow squash, or the round ones. Store in the fridge.

Baby sweet peppers: A mix of a few new varieties that we tried this year. There are red, yellow, orange and greens. I really like these. Please let me know what you think, as we are already planning our summer crops next year. Store in the crisper.

Romaine lettuce: Just beautiful lettuce. You will have one large head or two small ones. This is in a plastic bag to protect it. Store in your crisper.

Tomatillos: I grew this many years ago as a challenge to member who would not normally have bought them in the store. It turns out they were a great success and have been a staple ever since. They are late this year. Store in the crisper.

Eggplant: This is not bitter like the store-bought ones. I never liked them unless they were soaked and salted. These taste great. Lorraine dipped the slices in batter last week. Store in the crisper.

Red onions: Our crop this year was nothing short of spectacular thanks in a large part to Jose keeping them alive in very windy conditions after planting and Ramon constantly wedding them with our finger weeder. We are keeping the yellow onions for later in the fall as they store best.