This is an amazing tool. I would say for the price and the amount of time and money it saves it is by far the best investment I have ever made. It is a finger weeder that removes the weeds between the plants in the crop rows. This save so much time hoeing. The one job on the farm that is disliked least above hand weeding is hoeing. It cost just over $7,000 six years ago and saves us at least that amount every six months. It hoes three rows at a time with these plastic fingers. There are three colors, we have yellow and red. The first set was yellow and we tried a red. Ramon and Miguel requested we change them all to red. They are thicker and firmer than the yellow which can be a problem with delicate plants but Ramon says they can work with it. The reds work the soil harder and remove more weeds between the plants. We had the inventor, Christian, from Germany visiting us one day and I showed him a crop of Fennel which was completely free of weeds. I said “just the finger weeder” and he said “of course”. I was happy we had not missed a weed as he may have been upset with us. Every year we have to become more efficient, grow better crops just to compete with the cut price organic produce coming from Mexico offered by many delivery services posing as farms like ours.